Gift of The Magi

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"Gift of the Magi" is an adaptation of a short story of the same name by O. Henry. It’s a joyful musical celebration of one of America’s most beloved holiday classics, written by Beverly Bremers and Faith Grant.

It takes place at Christmas time in New York City circa 1905. Jim and Della are a young couple struggling to make ends meet and are at a loss as to what to give each other for Christmas. Through a series of unusual events, they each sacrifice what they cherish most to give the other a special gift, which turns out to be something they can no longer use. After they recover from this ironic surprise, they agree that their love for one another is the greatest gift of all and enjoy a merry Christmas with their friends.

This show is great holiday entertainment for the whole family, with catchy & poignant songs in a variety of styles. 

" … Gift Of The Magi delivers message of love".

~ Alicia Doyle, Arts & Culture


"The musical Magi - a gift of merriment"

~ Hermine Hilton, Malibu Chronicle


"Family-friendly, tuneful and funny, it is a welcome addition to the seasonal theatre repertoire".

~ Gary Ginell, VC Onstage


"The show closing 'The Greatest Gift Of All' could become a holiday classic"

~ Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA