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Fred Klett

If you are looking for a comedian that is suitable for EVERY KIND OF AUDIENCE, look no further. Fred Klett is your man. Universally respected and admired throughout his profession by every performer he has appeared alongside and every audience member he has entertained, you would be hard pushed to find a comic with a better ability to deliver a seamless show that leaves you feeling... "is it over already?" Fred comes from a LARGE family and the stories of his family life in Milwaukee, his marriage and his subsequent international travels leave audiences rolling in the aisles and quoting lines from his show for weeks to come. A firm favorite on many international cruise lines his clean family friendly show is an obvious choice whether as a full 90 minute performance or as a double bill with another act.


Book Fred Klett

You will not regret booking Fred Klett. He is guaranteed to be the talk of SoFlo after his first show...  book him now and avoid disappointment.

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