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Acts Available All Year Round

Black Box Booking can supply you with a number of acts all year round.


We have acts who can headline your theaters with a band or they can perform intimate acoustic and tracked sets in a smaller location like a bar or pool side. 

We understand every gig is unique and take pride in having the knowledge and know how to meet your every demand. Talk to us!!! Feel free to call with any questions or suggestions of acts you feel may be suited to your venue and we will go and find them for you!




Zoe Tyler

Zoe is based in Orlando and is available with live band, Backing tracks or as an acoustic set

Ashley Carruthers

Ashley resides in Orlando and is available with full band.

O-Town MoTown

O-Town live in Florida so are available in numerous options all year round

Travis Turpin

Travis resides in the US and is available all year round


Michael Redden

Michael Redden is a singer songwriter who has been working on the cruise lines across the world performing his intimate show. 

He conducts his audience who as as much part of his show through some the most classic songs of all time. A truly uplifting, pleasant and enjoyable evening.

Michael is available all year round


Indigo Dreamers

The Indigo Dreamers are an amazing band performing covers and their own music in their own way: unique and easy listening .

They reside in Florida and are available all year round

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