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Spider Cherry

Spider Cherry is the kind of live band that makes it difficult to stay in your seat, often reworking old standards with a youthful spin and infectious groove that tends to fill dance floors in an instant

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The Show

If you happen to be poking around Palm Beach County a bit, you might stumble upon a cavalcade of sound with the cryptic moniker, Spider Cherry. The creative brainchild of London born front man Nathan Mercado, Spider Cherry a difficult band to put a label on.


Keyboards they have in spades along with a minimalist but competent drum backbone and a splash of guitar accompaniment. 

The component that separates this band from others is undoubtedly their bandleader. Encircled by his keyboard rig and always topped off with his signature chapeau, Mercado exudes charm and charisma and belts out jams ranging from melancholic to metal. 



For more information contact Steve

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