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The Uptown Boys

The Uptown Boys is comprised of two Broadway style concert experiences that marry the iconic songbook of Billy Joel with the energy and excitement of Broadway and New York City. With slick, Bruno Mars inspired choreography and the swagger of Broadway hits like Jersey Boys and Million Dollar Quartet, The Uptown Boys have something for every audience member of every demographic.

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The Show

Each concert experience is an opportunity for the boys to connect with audiences and share their personal stories of life, love, and making it in New York City. Timeless nostalgia, a great American songbook, and a creative team of Broadway veterans are a recipe for success for audiences and presenters alike!

NEW YORK STATE OF MIND – Featuring Billy Joel’s quintessential hits from Uptown Girl to Piano Man, this show is “Classic Joel” exactly as audiences want to hear it. The boys tell their own stories of life, love, and making it in New York City set to the backdrop of Billy Joel’s legendary music catalogue. This show is timeless nostalgia for audiences!


For more information contacts Steve 

561 906 0430

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